When ‘Charities’ Attack: How I Became Target of Online Abuse

Online abuse is everywhere on the internet. It has become an international pastime. To be honest, I never expected to be on the receiving end, but for the past few months it has been a very real experience. My name is Dr Daniel Allen, I’m an animal geographer, TV presenter and APGAW member who explores the cultural significance of animals around the world. I have a passion for animal welfare and have become known for my candid observations.


When the global media styled Chinese pensioner Mrs Yang (Yang Xiaoyun) as the “symbol of hope” of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, the world wanted to help her dogs. Fundraisers were set up. The public kindly donated. Lots of money was raised, but where did the donations go? This simple question made me the target of an online abuse I found both shocking and personally intrusive. I’ve decided to share my experience here to help others.

In June 2015 a restricted fundraiser with the title ‘HELP MRS YANG YULIN APPEAL’ was set up by UK registered charity 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade (WPDCMT), also known as No To Dog Meat (NTDM). It had aimed to raise £5,000. With thousands of dog lovers from across the world wanting to save dogs from the cooking pot, the fundraiser helped raise over £80k. Despite this, less than £11k had reached the named recipient by August 13 2015. The organisation continued using the name and image of Mrs Yang to raise funds.

This was a genuine concern. As an independent writer with a passion for animal welfare, I wanted to find out more. I wrote two posts through LinkedIn, “Mrs Yang’s Missing Money” (August 13 2015) and “Sharing is Caring for Mrs Yang” (August 17 2015). The name of the charity was not mentioned, nor was the fundraising platform, nor names of any individuals aside from Mrs Yang.

My questions were relatively simple:

2015-10-28-1446042900-1381339-relativelysimplequestionsntdm-thumbDespite this, the questions were not answered. Instead, this polite line of questioning started my personal experience as target of online abuse. Within hours of posting “Mrs Yang’s Missing Money”, a NTDM supporter and known admin for the organisation made their intention of harassment clear through Facebook.


By August 19 I was aware of past fallouts within the organisation. It was also clear that my articles had become platforms for mud-slinging and targeted attacks on other innocent members of public who had genuine concerns. With this, I made the unprecedented move of deleting the posts, whilst uploading this YouTube video.

My public support of a Care2 petition calling for all restricted fundraiser donations to reach Mrs Yang, and for No To Dog Meat to be investigated by relevant authorities, led to ongoing malicious and libelous accusations through Twitter. This petition currently has 7,664 signatures.

A clear pattern of targeted behaviour had developed. By September 19, rumours were surrounding Mrs Yang, and allegations escalating in China and beyond (as observed and documented on this blog) The level of desperation of those associated with No To Dog Meat also heightened. A petition attempted to defame me, seemingly set up and certainly supported by a handful of NTDM supporters, was promptly removed by Care2 for being untrue and unlawful.


The organisation, a registered ‘charity’, accused me of ‘harassment and lies’:2015-10-28-1446044656-7621731-nododogmeatharassmentandlies-thumb

Unlawful accusations and online harassment continued from a handful of charity supporters:


Politely asking a UK registered charity simple questions made me the target of online abuse. It was a surprise to me. It was a surprise to my local police officers. But it was not a surprise to Downton Abbey actor and Patron of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW), Peter Egan:

I was totally unsurprised by the appalling and shocking tactics levelled at you Dan by NTDM during these past months, the reason being, because this is their usual behaviour when they are confronted by sensible and open questions. You will have noticed that one of their most aggressive attack trolls, has recently posted that she was instructed by the CEO to target both myself, Jill Robinson, Animals Asia and Lola Weber. Indeed there is an audio recording of Julia De Cadenet threatening to destroy both Jill Robinson and myself.

Peter Egan, who is one of the most highly respected and active animal welfare advocates in the UK, continued:

You can understand that I was therefore very surprised to see a pic of my friend, and a man I admire hugely, Ricky Gervais, wearing a NTDM T-shirt posted everywhere on their site. I asked him if he supported NTDM, he replied that a friend had asked him to wear the t-shirt. He thought it was a generic opposition to the dog meat trade. He’d never heard of NTDM. He said he does not, nor does he want to, promote NTDM. I think it’s worth pointing this out because he is such a huge figure in the world of animal welfare and of course NTDM are capitalising on this. He categorically does not support them.

I personally echo the words of Peter Egan and Ricky Gervais, and add that charity accountability and transparency have become the focus of this situation. Over £70k raised in the restricted fundraiser remains frozen in a UK bank account. Legally, if this money is not going to the named recipient, it must be returned to the donors. My next article will uncover the possible reasons why this organisation felt the need to attack respected animal welfare professionals. It will also share official Charity Commission responses to my questions.

Far too many innocent people and animals have become embroiled in this uncharitable affair. If you feel a sense of injustice reading this article or have ever been affected by online abuse or bullying, please make a stand with me and share widely.


40 thoughts on “When ‘Charities’ Attack: How I Became Target of Online Abuse

  1. This is so sad. The dogs need help. Who is helping those dogs? Does anyone know what is happening now to those dogs in Mrs Yang’s care? As it seems NTDM have washed their hands of her….
    Who is right….who is wrong….what is going on….NTDM frauds, Mrs Yang a fraud. Or a hoarder, or careless, or desperate and unable to cope….I don’t know.
    Never mind the humans and their issues, squabbles, threats etc what about the dogs?
    Have they been taken by another charity, such as Animals Asia or someone? Does anyone have updates about this?
    And meanwhile in 3 months Yulin starts all over again. My heart cries for those Souls, those innocent dogs.


  2. Totally agree with you on this matter. People can scan the public many ways even setting up as a charity and yeah some money may get to the people who need it but not all! Public need to open their eyes to what goes on instead of hiding away and then shooting down the people such as yourself who highlight any problems. Total respect to you for highlighting this issue there are too many sheep in the world.

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  3. Re: my last post above, I cannot see why NTDM are branding Mrs Yang as a fraud. If she used her own money and not any donated money, then how does that make her a fraud? She clearly states (somewhere I read) that she had two houses she was using the proceeds of to help the dogs. (I presume this was before the fundraising for her.) One was her own home, and another property belonged to family. And this caused a family argument in which her son refused to speak to her.

    Right -so NTDM say they have sent relatively small sums of money to her, and yet she hasn’t used it? What’s fraudulent about that?
    And what do we all really know about any circumstances which may have made it hard/impossible for her to make use of that fraction of the donated money.
    Also, let’s remember we are dealing with Communist China, and there may be certain restrictions we are not aware of.

    Anyway….another point….she “bought dogs at Yulin then left them to die”. What do we know about that scenario? How do we know what happened there? I know there was some problem in the holding area for her rescued dogs at Yulin. I don’t know the details. Remember, she lives a great distance from Yulin, over 1000 miles, and can’t just walk those dogs home. There may well have been some tragic circumstances intervening in the rescue, re: dog meat traders/authorities/people who rented the holding site to her….etc.

    Does THAT make her a fraud? Not in my view.

    Next….the dreadful conditions in her rescues. Is that not surprising? She appears to have one young man helping her. There may be others, I don’t know. Otherwise she is on her own. Can we imagine how difficult proper caring for hundreds of dogs is like, with no structured, funded support in an on-going sense?
    Not supplying fresh water is unforgivable, I admit -if that is so. I can’t judge on that one because I didn’t see. But that is the only point NTDM makes, that shows any level of malpractice on the part of Mrs Yang. And I guess, under the terrible circumstances, understandable, if not forgivable.

    Plus now, NTDM have branded her a fraud, and so she is getting no help at all? How is that helping those hundreds of dogs, which surely ought to be TOP PRIORITY in all this!

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  4. Dr Allen,
    I commend you for your outspokenness on this issue. I had been approached months ago on social media to support this group but had rejected supporting it due to a murmurs of questionable behavior, now I fully understand.

    It’s not surprising and I really feel for you. I myself was only a member of a few Facebook Rescue groups and was a witness to all sorts of malicious attacks, accusations, bullying. I was lucky I managed to barely escape any myself. I could see it starting – I was once accused of ‘unfriending’ the admin, but I made clear I hadn’t as she had 2 personal FB accounts and i was a contact on only one.
    So often something as simple as a misunderstanding would snowball to a mass of abuse by other members. Plus some members that asked questioned were often singled out and harassed and more members were encouraged to continue harassment via that individual’s Facebook page, telephone and even going to a member’s home – A proper witch hunt.

    I remember an incident where a group’s treasurer supposedly went awol for 2 days, she couldn’t be reached and the group went nuts. She had actually been hospitalized with a severe heart problem. I tried to make calm the angry mob ie. ‘let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and wait, she’s probably had some issue to deal with and can’t get in touch.’ It was useless, as then went ahead with a stream of abuse, by threatening her and her family. She had to contact local police and the admin was formally warned.

    The issues of EGO, a pseudo ‘god complex’ and ‘people taking credit’ seems to be a huge issue. ‘So-and-so is trying to take all the glory,’ was a quote I read more than once. Baffling. Despite reiterating: ‘Friends, we are all working for the same cause, THIS IS ABOUT THE DOGS’ made no difference so trying to keep the peace in this sort of environment where there seems to be certain demographics of people that will jump to conclusions, with no reasoning skills and ability to form any sort of logic, is futile and all too common. You are a minority against an angry mob. I treaded lightly in these situations, and quietly left the groups undetected, but kept in contact with a few of the more stable members.

    Accountability across the board needs to be addressed. All the way from donations to communications. If a charity or rescue is not going to be transparent and willing to share info, they aren’t worthy of support. In addition they should be willing to communicate to admin and supporters that trolling and bullying in the name of their organization, will not be supported/tollerated.

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  5. This is very disturbing and far too common becomming a trend on social media. Scammers, liars, thieves are on the social networks. It is easy for them because they are skilled manipulators. They know how to attack. Bullying is their game. Thank you Dr Allen for your courage in bringing this out.

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  6. What is going on? I recently received this new notification from NTDM:
    “For those of you who have not seen our update on Total Giving and who donated this summer to help rescue dogs from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, we would like to update you in the interest of full transparency.

    In May 2015, a Chinese lady named Mrs Yang approached our charity. She asked to meet our representative in Shanghai. We knew of her by wide media reports and since we have been involved in campaigning and assisting rescuers from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival for three years we were happy to comply.

    Mrs Yang clearly told our representative she had over 3,000 dogs in her care and they were starving to death and she never received international donations and was entirely self-funded. She told us no organisation or media had ever helped her financially.

    We immediately released a small monetary grant to Mrs Yang which she confirmed could feed these 3,000 dogs for a month. She told us she would be returning to the wicked Yulin Festival and said she could buy dogs and save their lives for the price of $50 each. Although we were horrified that this money would go back to the butchers, like you, we desperately wanted to help. For this reason our volunteer set up the fundraise you kindly donated to.

    The purpose of this fundraise was to rescue as many dogs (and cats) from Yulin. Your wonderful generosity meant Mrs Yang and her rescuers would have enough money to save over 500 dogs. Like you we all waited for news of the lives saved and this is where we became concerned.

    We discovered Mrs Yang had not needed our fundraise and was able to travel there with £45,000 of her own money. Mrs Yang confirmed this fact to several newspapers. She therefore did not save any dogs with the money you donated. We discovered one week before travelling to Yulin she had bought more dogs and left them abandoned to die.

    Our focus is always on animal welfare and we decided as a charity that even though Mrs Yang had not been honest we still wanted to help her and the dogs she claimed to have rescued. We tried to send vets and also food but she refused our help.

    Finally our trustees were advised by the charity commission to visit Mrs Yang. We needed to protect donors’ money and make sure it was spent for the purpose it had been intended. We knew you had all donated to save dogs from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and we had to see them.

    Our team travelled to China at the end of August and with 11 welfare Chinese rescuers and activists, we visited Mrs Yang. In total we went to see 4 of her shelters. We were prepared for the worst but our findings will haunt us forever. In the first shelter dogs were tied in urine and filth with open sores and no access to water. In the second a female was being repeatedly mounted by aggressive males and her genitals were hanging out. The third was a small yard designed to breed dogs.

    Finally we were taken by Chinese activists to the fourth shelter which was several hours from the others which was in a deserted brick style yard. Behind the huge red wall we heard the screams of dogs that an eye witness confirmed had been left there without food or water in the hot sun for weeks. We can confirm that several days later the activists returned to rescue these dogs and found the gates wide open with carcasses everywhere.

    Despite all of this and despite the fact Mrs Yang even confirmed she had lied about caring for 3,000 dogs, when in fact she had only about 400. Although she had money but she did not think it was necessary to give the dogs regular food or water or care for their wounds, we still offered to help. We asked her to show us at least one dog or cat from Yulin but she could not. Mrs Yang could also not account for the dogs she says she rescued from 707.

    We returned to England with heavy hearts and immediately communicated with the Charity Commission. They asked us to inform you of the situation and advise you of our plan of how best to use the funds we still have. If we were to refund everyone it would mean taking Mrs Yang to court. We therefore suggest that funds not already spent can be used to help genuine rescuers in China and be held also until next year so we can truly carry out rescue.

    We know there has been much speculation about a fifth shelter Mrs Yang has now opened with new dogs but to help her she needs to show she can follow real suggestions on shelter management. Our offer to her remains to provide vouchers for vaccination/ microchip and spay and neuter as well as guidance on preventing further abuse.

    We are really sorry if this news upsets you but we believe in being honest with our donors. We have s_ubmitted out 16 page report to the Charity Commission and they know we are writing to you. Apologies for any delay but we have been hoping to get more positive news.
    We plan to return soon to China where we have been working with some really wonderful rescue. Our adoption programme for dogs rescued from the trucks has begun and we are working towards starting our mobile vet emergency response unit as well as billboards in Chinese letting people know that dog meat is not healthy.
    We will update you on all our projects shortly and remain open to hearing from you and addressing concerns. London residents are welcome to visit us at our office and we are available by phone on + 44 207 873 2250 or by email : legal@notodogmeat.com

    The Board of Trustees”

    I don’t know what is happening…Mrs Yang used £45,000 of her own money? I know she sold her house to fund the rescues and the “Common Home”, and I think there was another family house too (?)
    It is easy to see why -if there are terrible conditions in her sanctuary -maybe that is because of a serious lack of funds. Obviously I don’t know exactly how much money it costs to provide for the hundreds of dogs there and medical needs etc but it must be a LOT and Mrs Yang must be completely overwhelmed! No wonder there are cases of serious disease and death.
    A fraud? How is she a fraud? In our western eyes we view such unfortunate circumstances as ‘animal abuse’. But maybe that’s the best there is, out there in the “Common Home” without the funds required for better management.

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  7. I find t deplorable. This whole situation. That if a charity ( NTDM) or any charity for that fact has to behave in horrible defamation if good people or anyone questions them. When Charities that count on support of the public act in a suspicious manner as in ntdm they put a shameful face on all charities, which is upsetting because thier are probably good ones out there.
    NTDM need a real revamping ..but I personally feel it’s too late. They have lost thier credibility. .I didn’t donate to them.. I donate to alot of people and organizations. .but NTDM has definitely taught me a lesson.
    Look deep .. do research on a charities past dealings. Ask questions.
    And thank you @Dr_Dan_1 for speaking out! This experience has happened to many people that have asked questions. Your experience was quite awful because your standing in community. Others also attacked but it was relative more to who they were. . Basically the bigger you were …the bigger the attack. I liken thier behavior ( NTDM) to cornering a confused wild animal that didn’t have legitimate answers.
    (Actually I say confused wild animal…but I believe them to be much more calculating)


  8. I find it deplorable. This whole situation. That if a charity (NTDM) or any charity for that fact has to behave in horrible defamation if good people or anyone questions them. When Charities that count on support of the public act in a suspicious manner as in ntdm they put a shameful face on all charities, which is upsetting because their are probably good ones out there.
    NTDM need a real revamping ..but I personally feel it’s too late. They have lost thier credibility. .I didn’t donate to them.. I donate to alot of people and organizations. .but NTDM has definitely taught me a lesson.
    Look deep .. do research on a charities past dealings. Ask questions.
    And thank you @Dr_Dan_1 for speaking out! This experience has happened to many people that have asked questions. Your experience was quite awful because your standing in community. Others also attacked but it relative more to who they were. . Basically the bigger you were …the bigger the attack. I liken their behavior ( NTDM) to cornering a confused wild animal that didn’t have legitimate answers.

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  9. Charities attacks are not surprising, many of them especially in our field ( Animal Welfare ) are the worse people you can ever meet, jealous , envious, greedy ,
    hating honest people and getting very well with crooks and thieves , this is what I have noticed during 15 years since I started my AW organization called S.P.A.R.E http://www.sparelives.org . I remember Madame Marchig one of the most popular ladies in our field she is the one who founded Marchig Trust and helped hundreds of AW organizations in the world , she told me that she worked in real estate and also in selling very expensive and valuable paintings , but she has never seen worse than people working in animal welfare Organizations, she told me to take care of them . She was right so right !!!

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    1. Well said, S.P.A.R.E. When we embarked on The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy project, we were warned that we’d suffer at the hands of the pro-captivity money men. We naively believed that the big anti-captivity charities wouldn’t allow that to happen. How wrong we were! In fact, one charity went out of its way to encourage all others to block us – private messages, telephone calls, etc. If it hadn’t been for one over-zealous campaigner, we would never have known. Heartbreaking for those of us who are genuinely concerned about animal welfare.

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      1. Yes Tracy you are absolutely right I am still shocked form my so called colleagues who are my worse enemies I was expecting attacks from Egyptian governement because I am fighting them because they posion stray dogs with strychnine, they also encourage dolphin projects and shows , they have massacred hundres of thousands of pigs during the swine flue epidemy , but no my government ( the one I am giving hard time ) was not so cruel with me , the so called ” Collleagues” want to destroy me as the did with Dr Daniel ..How sad how disgusting !!!! my name is Amina Abaza , my organization is called S.P.A.R.E . thanks you for writing to me your experience so I am not alone !!!


      2. You are certainly not alone, Amina (S.P.A.R.E). As writers, we are thankful that The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy is finally finished. Never in our lives have we encountered such manipulative, devious and egotistical individuals as those who ‘work’ for the so-called caring charities. Dealing with these people has been a major eye-opener and has completely shattered our belief in humankind. Virtually all the charitable organisations we have had the misfortune to encounter appear to have one overriding agenda – to make money. I am all too aware that our comments against the charities will upset many readers of this page, but in all honesty, we can’t paint our experience any bleaker. Thanks for listening – I’ll check out your website. Please feel free to check out ours at http://www.theperfectpairdolphintriogy.com.


  10. Dr Dan Allen, we sympathize with your predicament. As authors of The Perfect Pair Dolphin Trilogy, we have experienced first hand how the big charities operate. Most of them have totally lost sight of their raison d’etre. They’re only interested in making big money and maintaining big egos. People do right to challenge the charities – they need to get back to basics. As our ex-trainer, David Capello, always maintains, “Animal conservation and animal exploitation are two sides of the same coin.”

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  11. I asked NTDM for valid documented evidences where is rest of money they fundraised for Mrs.Yang …no valid evidence.Same by Julia De Cadenet.Same by Robert Donkers.Some people who not representatives of NTDM are abusive attacking people when asking NTDM to be accountable.I don’t get upset when they abuse,it is in their nature.More upset me they did not refund donors,they holding donors money,they did not sent full fundraised to Mrs.Yang.It was nice seeing that selfie of Julia and Mrs.Yang and next thing spitting on Mrs.Yang’s name.If No To Dog Meat not accountable,they have hidden agenda.It is fishy not being accountable to donors,and when simple questions asked.

    How you call that : Animal lover or Self lover ?

    I support you Dr.Danniel Allen for speaking truth.All those animals rescued by Mrs.Yang left to suffer and No To Dog Meat holding money.

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  12. Reblogged this on Who is No To Dog Meat? and commented:
    The site http://whoisnotodogmeat.com/ chronicled events from 2013 to early 2015 regarding the UK registered charity #1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade (WPDCMT), also known as No To Dog Meat (NTDM). Interesting to note that the only original management team left from those infamous days of ‘dirty tricks’ are two of the original trustees,Ms Julia de Cadenet and Mr David Merrill. ‘Others’ that were blamed by the charity for bringing it into disrepute have left. Therefore, the only reasonable conclusion that the public can draw is that the appalling behaviour of the charity, since inception in May 2013 until now, can only be firmly laid at the door of Ms de Cadenet and Mr Merrill.

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  13. I checked out NTDM a few months ago, at the height of the dog meet festival in China, as I really wanted to help. However, I never parted with my donation for NTDM (although my partner did so I kinda did too!) as the website and social media channels never really explained what it is they are going to do, what are their KPIs – yeah it’s project speak but any charity worth their wight should perform to help those it seeks to help – who is on the ground in China, helping Mrs Yang?

    Point being that this organisation are playing on emotions and PR spin not hard facts about making a difference. I worry for the future of charities if the ‘redtops’ went to town on something like this, it would damage the great work that so many people do.

    The Charity Commission needs to take action.

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  14. This is all too familiar, I’ve asked simple questions regarding Animals and donations in irelands biggest rescue and have been blocked and at the receiving end of the Trolls for doing so, Me along with many others, Some people started a page to try and get to the bottom of it but when people’s first hand experience of this rescue began to come to light all hell broke lose with the Trolls and management of the rescues. Even down to the admin threatening to slap a woman silly if she visited the rescue, The abuse a 72 yr old lady received after donating 4k to this rescue,Told she needs a good punch, she visited and was last alone in the manager home for 2 days not knowing where she was and nothing to eat for herself and the animals. Another Troll of this charity told a woman who had only lost her husband a few weeks before that he was better off dead and away from her, They pick on anyone who asks, the delete the comments and block you saying it’s no one’s business what the donations are spent on. Simply just not good enough. Suppose il get another torrent of abuse for writing this. Truth needs to be told, The charity needs to account for all donations, They need to account for every animal they take in not make them dissappear with no updates, Stop picking on the very people who donate, List could go on but I’ve animals to feed.

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    1. Pauline, so very distressed to read your story. Is that Irish animal rescue formally registered as a charity? Are we reading your comment correctly, that the 72 year old woman was kept captive for two days by the manager of the Irish animal rescue you refer to?


      1. The 72 yr old went to the rescue of her own free will, Unfortunately the manager left her alone in a house with no address and no emergency no,s in case of fire etc, Yes they are a registered charity but owned by the manager, property part funded by donations and the rest of mortgage paid for by a benefactor. It’s just not on, way too many animals and still buying them at fairs, yes some in terrible conditions but then they are not reporting the abuse, if asked why you get pms and nasty ones, You then get the Army of Trolls bringing your everyday life out into the open and doing their darned best to twist everything you say to make you look bad. Dogs going into the rescue and a few weeks later in a UK rescue, no proto followed re transportation of dogs, They could well be passported but they are not following the quarantine rules. It’s just a mess for the animals who do survive and the x volunteers who know first hand what goes on, If you speak up your ripped apart or they discredit your rescue like they have tried with mine. All because people asked questions. Now we are Tramps, witches, haters, scum,whores and so on. Ireland and the UK need to wake up to the irregularities with the large rescues and do something.

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      2. Increasingly alarmed, Pauline, that so many decent people are content to do nothing as they watch ‘targets’ of renegade ‘charities’ being subjected to frenzied attacks of #cybermauling. Even more alarmed at authorities, such as the UK Charity Commision, and OSCR turning a blind eye to the rotten apple charities they protect. Pauline, who is supposed to regulate Irish charities?


  15. I got out of the Soi dog international club and switched to the Canada one because charities were bad mouthing and attacking people there. Then one charity run by Rebecca Jane Ashworth here in Canada had all her dogs taken by the OSPCA because people said bad things that were not true. So it doe not surprise me however keep going forward and doing good because this world needs all the earth angels it can get and you sir are one of them. Don’t give up animals depend on you

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  16. I am so sorry to hear that NTDM are still on the go, they have been busy doing this and getting away with it for at least 5 if not 6 years. Dan Allen’s story is a carbon copy of what myself and friends experienced, they use aggressive behaviours if you question them, presumably because they know that most people will just back down. I imagine that they must have stolen hundreds of thousands of pounds over this period.

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  17. I am so sorry to hear that NTDM are still on the go, they have been busy doing this and getting away with it for at least 5 if not 6 years. Dan Allen’s story is a carbon copy of what myself and friends experienced, they use aggressive behaviours if you question them, presumably because they know that most people will just back down. I imagine that they must have stolen hundreds of thousands of pounds over this period.
    They are unscrupulously extorting money out of good natured unsuspecting people, and at the same time giving charities a bad wrap. I can’t believe that they are still getting away with it.
    I hope that you manage to make a case against them where others have failed, they are very tricky, we certainly weren’t up to coping with whatever was going on, we just knew that things didn’t add up.


  18. What has happened to Mrs yang? Nothing about her is on Facebook anymore, Sophie gave up because of all the abuse and agro, I donated to Mrs yang, she is a very brave woman and loves dogs as much as I do, I wish I could still help her but don’t know if she accepts help anymore, poor woman got so abused herself by NTDM I was disgusted by that charity and how they treated her,

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  19. Giving charities a bad name – and there’s plenty of people who seem to be going out of their way to sling mud at perfectly legitimate and law-abiding charities. We don’t need this kind of behaviour to give them ammunition as it quite quickly escalates from being ‘a group of people from a single charity’ to ‘charities’, as per your title and the first commentor here.


    1. I don’t think Dr Allen is setting out to give all charities a bad name, but to clear his own name and to get an answer to his question. I share your concern that commendable charities could get a bad name from publicity surrounding those that are not operating in a transparent way. I’ve just clicked on your name and was excited not only to find the Hemingway Rewritten theme, but also some very interesting posts! I’ll be reading more 🙂

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      1. Hi Tracy, yes not what I was intending to imply at all. I guess ‘when some members of staff from a particular charity attack’ isn’t quite as snappy a title, though. Post-Kids Co I’ve seen so much tarring of charities with the same brush, the agenda-driven nature of which is both boggling and scary


  20. I fully support you, Mrs Wang and a legal and effective campaign against the Dog Meat Trade. This vile and disgusting culture need to be stopped and the whole of the donated money should be unfrozen and passed to the woman and her rescue dogs it was intended for. What is the intention of these people who try to bring you and others into disrepute – in a word are they after the money?

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  21. Reblogged this on Charity Observer and commented:
    Dr Dan writes about his very personal experience of online cyber abuse. “When ‘Charities’ Attack: How I Became Target of Online Abuse”
    Dr Daniel Allen is: Commentator of Nature, Animal Geographer, Otter Expert, Author, TV Host @AnimalHouseTV, @HuffPostUK Blogger. @APGAW member. Dr Daniel Allen on Twitter @Dr_Dan_1 Tweets about #AnimalRealities.
    Dr Dan supplies interesting quotes about the UK charity in question from Mr Peter Egan: much loved and admired Film, TV and stage actor/director, and tireless voice for the voiceless and vulnerable. The recordings of threats by the NTDM CEO, referred to by Mr Egan,”..Indeed there is an audio recording of Julia De Cadenet threatening to destroy both Jill Robinson and myself.” is to be found on http://whoisnotodogmeat.com/

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