Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? No To Dog Meat Exposed

mrs yang. let sleeping dogs lie

The experience of online abuse can scare individuals into silence. It can make them back away. For me, becoming a target simply for asking legitimate questions of UK registered charity No To Dog Meat, did quite the contrary. I chose to investigate the lack of transparency, rise above the abuse, and share my experience for all those who had previously spoken out but remained unheard.

The fact remains that UK charity 1154524 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade (WPDCMT) (also known as No To Dog Meat NTDM) is withholding most of the £82,000+ of a restricted income fund, raised as donations specifically for Chinese dog rescuer Mrs Yang (Yang Xiaoyun).

Charity Trustees maintain, ‘that the original purpose set forth for the funds is not possible’. The CEO has stated that a ‘legal case’ is being made against Mrs Yang ‘for fraud’; and the pensioner is being ‘investigated for her on-going animal abuse’. Such allegations have not been substantiated. Despite opposition from donors and thousands of petition signatures for an official investigation, Trustees maintain they will retain the restricted fund for ‘other purposes’.

What appears to have been overlooked by NTDM is UK law, which states: ‘If restricted income funds are used by a charity for any other purposes than those which were originally specified then this could amount to fraud or deception’.

NTDM continue to challenge the legitimacy of Mrs Yang with unsupported allegations, which also would be regarded as defamation in UK law. NTDM are also citing individuals and organisations in attempt to legitimize their actions.

One such individual is Dr Peter Li, a respected  academic and China Policy Specialist at Humane Society International (HSI). I approached Dr Li to find out his personal position on this:

It is my personal position, not representing my university or any other organizations that I provide consulting services, that any money wrongly raised for a shelter that is abusing animals should not go to that shelter, should go back to the donors; or should be disposed legally and in ways agreeable to the donors. I have published articles, essays and offered interviews over the years. I can be quoted or cited by anyone. People can quote me to support their position. This does NOT mean that I stand by whoever quotes me.

Dr Peter Li is not aligned with NTDM and does not support their actions.

The Charity Commission, considered ‘not fit for purpose’ by a Commons Select Committee in 2014, has also been a much cited organisation, supposedly legitimizing such behaviour. Aware that the Charity Commission rarely responds to questions about specific registered charity, I framed my questions in relation to the specific NTDM restricted fundraiser for Mrs Yang. Here are my questions and the official responses from a Charity Commission Spokesperson:

Dr Daniel Allen:
If a charity using a restricted fundraiser felt that the named recipient was not suitable, 3 months before a fundraiser ended, yet chose to continue using the name of said named recipient to raise funds, would this be acceptable?

Charity Commission Spokesperson:
We can’t offer advice on individual scenarios. It is the responsibility of trustees to follow our guidance on fundraising and follow any relevant best practice. Our guidance charities and fundraising (CC20) states that trustees have ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of a charity, and should ensure it is solvent, properly run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for which it has been set up for the benefit of the public. This means complying with charity law, acting in the best interests of the charity, complying with the legal principles of duty of care and duty of prudence and maintaining control of charitable funds.

Dr Daniel Allen:
If individuals volunteering for a charity actively target individuals with online abuse, harassment and attempts at defamation, does this fall into the jurisdiction of the Charity Commission?

Charity Commission Spokesperson:
The Charity Commission is a civil regulator therefore allegations of harassment or abuse should be reported to the police or relevant agencies to be investigated.  If there are wider concerns about the governance or management of a charity these concerns may fall under our regulatory remit.

Dr Daniel Allen:
If a restricted fundraiser was set up to support a named recipient, but the charity decided they wanted to distribute donations to unnamed recipients mid-fundraiser, what would be the response of the Charity Commission?

Charity Commission Spokesperson:
Our guidance on fundraising makes clear that if funds are raised for a specific purpose they should be spent on those purposes. If the trustees felt it was no longer appropriate to fund such purposes, we would expect them to seek permission of the donor/ donors, if the charity wished to apply the funds for a different purpose.

It is quite clear that if the Charity Commission want to prove that they are now ‘fit for purpose’ action must be taken. Perhaps they should follow the precedent set in February 2014 with Afghan Heroes; where fundraising activities were suspended, Trustees excluded, and an interim manager appointed to ‘review the charity’s activities and governance’.

Mrs Yang’s legitimacy continues to be questioned. An opinion of a respected independent observer is required to clarify the unsupported allegations. Today I corresponded with public figure and co-founder and CEO of Peace Prize Foundation, Kenneth Chong.

The response of Kenneth Chong:

I am sorry to read of the online abuse against you by this “charity”.  It is clearly not transparent in its dealings with the public. Better PR and prompt responses to queries would have gone a long way.

Mdm. Yang faces many challenges from poor health, lack of support and local harassment from authorities. She has limited help particularly at the backend. Simply put, she is not a corporation with hundreds of staff but essentially a one person show struggling to keep the shelter going.

She sold properties meant for her son and used funds to keep her shelter going. But that was many years ago.

Allegedly, some local China based “charities” are also using her to rip off donors. It is a sad situation where funds are siphoned and a small percentage go to her resulting in inadequate food and medicines for the animals.

She needs people on the ground to help organise it better. I spoke to her in May this year and asked whether if donations were received from people in the UK, Spain and Italy (stemming from donors / followers who contacted me on Twitter.)

She said she has no specifics as it is “all handled by a British Charity” on her behalf. She gets small lump sums to get by but certainly not in the sort of amount mentioned publicly. She suggested that donors contact the charity concerned for payment details.

One thing for certain is her moral compass. She has been doing this for decades without any support or knowledge to the outside world. She lives in a sparse home with no heating,

The only piece of “furniture” is an altar where she offers prayers daily. She is a strong Buddhist. Two or three of her helpers, young people, would go about the daily chores, make calls and place orders to suppliers.

She sounded tired during that call but remained resolute. She said to thank donors from around the world. She is oblivious to the growing support nor the looming problems.

I have no doubt as to her sincerity to help animals though I believe there could be better ways to go about it. However, under the circumstances in China, she is making the best effort she could to mitigate.

To her, it is all about saving whatever dogs and cats that need saving. “A life is still a life.”

Charity accountability, transparency and social justice are vital if the public is to continue trusting and donating to charities. The public should never be attacked for asking a charity questions. Such uncharitable behavior can unfairly bring the entire charity sector into disrepute. These are the reasons I shared my experiences and chose to expose No To Dog Meat.

I would like to thank everyone for being so supportive over the past four months. It really has been much appreciated. I hope these articles will prove a useful foundation for further investigations and positive changes are the outcome.


12 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie? No To Dog Meat Exposed

  1. The only abuse of the animals she rescued is lack of funds to look after them properly. As a lot of money was donated purely for her and her rescued dogs it should have gone straight to her , minus a SMALL administration fee. What this Charity has done is FRAUD. Sadly they are the tip of the iceberg where Charities are concerned.


  2. Any charity that attacks in the way they have done is terrified that somebody has found them out. If you have nothing to hide you behave like a normal human being and answer reasonably.
    I’ve seen some of their rants and they are trying to deflect attention.

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  3. Give the lady her money to help the animals. People donated for her not No To Dog Meat people. They should be held accountable and have to give her the money plus interest that could have been earned if she had been given the money and placed in and account. Legal action needs to be started against the ones interfering with Ms Yang getting HER money.

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  4. Thank you Daniel for highlighting this. I am sorry that you has to endure this and now hope that your experience will help others stand up to this kind of corruption, all the best to you and your good work

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  5. From the heart ❤️ I came on Twitter for a giggle with friends weeks later a tweet came to my Attemtion ! About Yulin DogCatMeat Trade ! I was horrified ! Never in my life have I seen such heartbreak ! With the Tweet came Videos I Sobbed my heart out ! There was this courageous caring lady sobbing begging for lives of Dogs Cats iv never seen anything so SoulDestroying Changed my life ! Mrs Yang You have the most beautiful soul iv ever seen such a caring heart ! You Mrs Yang Changed my Life Now Like you with you I fight for the life of Animals ! Thank you Mrs Yang you’v made me the person iam today ❤️May god Bless you and keep you safe ❤️

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